group and Facebook! (March 11th, 2015)

We now have a group on! It's called "" and can be found here! has disabled groups after the new update, sadly.

We also have a Facebook page now! It can be found here!

Thanks for reading! :)

New (sort of) website design! (January 26th, 2015)

The site has been a bit unstable for the last month or so, due to it being moved off a server and to a free web host. This turned out to be a terrible decision, so from today onwards the site is back on a server.

To celebrate, we have updated the website design to look a bit better, as well as other minor changes. (I would get technical, but I feel like you probably won't understand anything.)

Thanks for reading! :)

Welcome to Tools!


Welcome to Tools - here you can find all sorts of tools relating to which you can apply to your profile, a forum signature, your site - wherever you want!

Have fun!

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